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We recognise that each child, parent, and nursery relationship is unique, and we use our experience to support everyone in making that transition into nursery life as smooth as possible.

Gradual steps – your first sessions

Your child will be invited to 3 settling-in visits within the nursery that will be organised as follows:

Settling in sessions

Session 1

The first opportunity for you and your child to experience our nursery environment and meet your child’s Key Person.  Parents stay with their child for this visit, and try as much as possible to take a ‘back seat’ to allow our nursery staff to help your child to settle in and integrate, however it is also an ideal opportunity for you to ask our staff any questions you have. We will ask you to complete an ‘All About Me’ sheet about your child during this session.  Fresh water is available for your child at all times.

Session 2

A slightly longer visit of 2 hours – parents leave their child with our staff in the nursery.  Upon arrival, your child’s key person will greet you, and toys of interest will be available for your child to come in and play with. Whilst your child is with us they can experience activities taking place and meet their peers. Please be assured that our nursery staff are very skilled with good strategies for helping children to quickly immerse themselves into our nursery routines. A snack is offered during this visit.  Fresh water is available for your child at all times.

Session 3

A full half day session – parents leave their child with our staff in the nursery to enable them to play freely with their peers and settle into our routines.  You are welcome to call us during the session for an update on how your child is doing if you wish.  A snack and main meal are offered during this session.  Fresh water is available for your child at all times.

Our settling in sessions normally take place in the morning and there is no extra charge for them. The sessions are usually booked in for the week before your child’s start date keeping the experience fresh in your child’s mind. Your child’s Key Person will talk to you each time about how your child is getting on so that together you can plan future support and development.

“A special big thank you to everything you have done to help our son settle into nursery, helping to build his confidence and encouraging him to explore new foods. You are all so inspiring with the love you show our children every day.”

Monkey Puzzle Parent

“The attention to detail as my child is settling into nursery is fabulous, it’s great to see her running in every morning to enjoy her day, I can see a lovely bond growing between her and the staff and other children.”

Monkey Puzzle Parent

“Thank you to all the staff at Monkey Puzzle for making nursery such a happy place for my little boy – everyone makes him feel secure and settled, it’s wonderful!”

Monkey Puzzle Parent

“I felt so guilty and worried when my 6-month old started nursery, but he absolutely loves going and has settled in amazingly. I know he is well looked after and having fun. Thank you Monkey Puzzle!”

Monkey Puzzle Parent

Strong relationships – Your Key Person

Our experience has shown that having a Key Person for your child is the most effective way of ensuring that children develop a strong relationship with a significant adult in the nursery, giving every child the reassurance to feel secure, familiar, and confident in the nursery environment.

At Otley your child’s Key person will:

  • Be assigned to your child on their first settling-in session, getting to know the child and family well in order to form strong relationships to support emotional needs.
  • Be with your child at every settling-in session in order to make the handover as smooth as possible, providing essential consistency for you and your child.
  • Ensure they have all of the information about your child and share this with other staff so that your child’s individual needs are cared for throughout each and every day.
  • Carry out assessments and plan for your child’s development, ensuring they are always challenged and supported to reach their full potential.
  • Prepare termly assessment reports to ensure you are kept up to date with your child’s progress and development.

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